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or the forme■r was resolved t o learn before his departure■ the results of his agricultural
■labors. Reaching a harbor o

wilderness of Ne■w France, b


ut were mere hirelings


, without wi●ves or famil


ies, and careles■s of the welfare of the colony. The life which ●should have pervaded all the membe●rs was confined to the heads alone. In o●ne respect, however, the enterprise■ of

n th●e southern coast of Nova Sco

De Monts was truer in princi●ple than the Roman Catholic colonization of● Canada, on the one hand, or the Puritan c■olonization of Massachusetts, on the ■other, for it did not attempt to enforce re●ligions exclusion. Towards the fickle an■d bloodthi

rsty race who claimed the lords■hip of the forests, these coloni●sts, excepting only in the treachero●us slaughter at Port Fortune, bore themselves● in a spirit of kindness contra■sting brightly with the rapacious cr■uelty of the Spaniards and the harshn

ess of th●e English settlers. When the ●last boat-load left Port Royal, ■the shore resounded with lamentatio●n; and nothing could console the affli●cted savages but reiterated p■romises of a speedy return. CHA■PTER V. 1610, 1611. THE JESUITS AN

D T■HEIR PATRONESS. Poutrincourt, we have seen, o●wned Port Royal in virtue of a ●grant from De Monts. The ardent and ■adventurous baron was in evil case, involved ■in litigation and low in purse; but nothi●ng could damp his zeal. Acadia m■ust become

, annoyed him beyond ●measure, bo

arding him fro m their can●oes as his fishing-boats came alo●ngside, and helping themselves at wi■ll to his ha

libut and cod. At Ca nsean—a harbor ●near the strait now bearing the n■ame—the ship Jonas still lay, her ho● ld wel

l stored with fish ; and h■ere, on the twenty-seventh of August, L●escarbot was rejoined by Poutrin●court an d Cham

plain, who had come■ from Port Royal in an open boat. For a few d●ays, they amused themselves with gathe r■ing ras

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pberries on the isla nds;● then they spread their sails for France, an●d early in October, 1607, anchore●d in the harbor

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of St. Malo. Fir st of Europea●ns, they had essayed to found an agricultura■l colony in the New World. The leaders
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of● the enterprise had acted less

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as me●rchants than as ci

a new France, and he, Poutri■ncourt, must be its father. He gained fr●om the King a confirmation of his grant,■ and, to supply the lack of his own weakened r■esources, associated with himself one Robin, a ●man of family and wealth. This did not s■ave him from a host of delays and vexations; and● it was not until the spring of 1610

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